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Q: What is the minimum requirement for joining?

A: We have a minimum requirement for young swimmers (6 & Under) to be able to swim the length of the pool freestyle. It doesn't have to be pretty, but swimmers need to be beyond the dog paddle stage. Since we are a swim team, not swim lessons, coaches must be confident swimmer is water safe.

There will be a swim assessment (for new swimmers only) in March/April before the coaches will confirm a swimmer's spot on the team.

Q: What is the refund policy?

A: Once you submit your completed registration paperwork, the fee may be refunded according to the following dates & events:

  • Before the season starts in April, 100% of the registration fee will be refunded should a swimmer decide to withdraw his/her registration.
  • Before the start of practice for the season, 100% of the registration fee will be refunded if a new swimmer at the swim assessment is deemed "not water safe" or "not ready for swim team" and thus NOT invited to swim.
  • After the swimmer's spot on the team is confirmed by the coaches:
    • No refund will be given should a swimmer decide not to swim.
    • No refund will be given should your swimmer be asked to leave the team due to behavior issues.

Q: When should I put on sunscreen?

A: We understand that parents want to protect their swimmers by applying sunscreen. In order for sunscreen to be effective it needs to be put on at least 20 minutes before getting in the water. Putting sunscreen on and then jumping in the water does nothing to protect the swimmer and makes it difficult to maintain the pool chemistry.

Q: How to avoid swimmer's ear?

A: Earplugs are used by some swimmers to avoid swimmer's ear. This occurs when moisture stays in the ear and doesn't get a chance to dry out. Symptoms include tenderness when touching the outside of the ear, or discomfort in ears when going underwater. Wax plugs can be found at most pharmacies. Plastic custom fit plugs call "Doc's Pro Plugs" can be found at Washington Medical Pharmacy. All earplugs should be kept clean.

To keep ears dry, you may buy eardrops (to dry ears) over the counter. Or you can make your own with an equal mixture of white vinegar and isopropyl alcohol. (Buy the over the counter drops, then save the bottle and mix your own). Use after each practice and meet. These are preventative procedures only. If swimmer's ear develops, seek medical assistance for treatment and cure.

Q: Can parents watch practices?

A: Parents are welcomes at all practices, but they must remember the coaches are in charge at all times and the swimmers must follow their instructions. Please do not talk, signal, wave, or admonish your child while he/she is practicing. Never time your child during practice. If your swimmer has a poor practice, offer encouragement after practice for him/her to swim better at the next practice.

Q: When can I talk to the coaches?

A: Do not try to talk to the coaches during practice. Consider the pool deck a classroom. Would you interrupt a classroom teacher while he/she was in the middle of a lecture? Please do not interrupt our coaches. Even if they are not talking to our swimmers, they are watching, analyzing, or thinking. If you need to ask questions, please contact them before or after practice, or leave them a note to contact you at a mutually agreeable time.

Q: Can I choose what events my child swims in meets?

A: Barracudas are very fortunate to have our great coaching staff. We want our swimmers to follow our coaches instructions concerning swimming competition, technique, and training. This relationship and bonding between coach and swimmer produces the best results. When parents interfere with opinions as to how the child should swim, or what events the child should swim in meets, it causes considerable confusion for the swimmer. Let our coaches coach our swimmers.

Q: How to remain in "good standing"?

A: To remain in "good standing":

  • swimmers and parents must be respectful to the coaches and other swimmers;
  • swimmers must arrive on time for practices and follow coaches' instructions;
  • swimmers must average attending practice at least 3 times per week;
  • swimmers must attend at least 7 of the 8 meets and notify the team in a timely manner of any missed meets;
  • swimmers must be available for championship;
  • each family must complete their job assignments; and
  • swimmers & parents must model good attitude and good sportsmanship.
  • Non-club team members can only be at the club:
    1. During team practice hours and team functions
    2. When accompanied by a club member, the member has paid the per person guest fee, and that member is at the club for the entire time of a non-club family's visit.
    3. During swim lessons if the family has signed a child up for one of the club's swim sessions.
  • Non-club team members who enter the club and use the pool in violation of club rules will not be in good standing -- which means they will not be able to swim with the team.

Q: What if I will be missing a meet?

A: At least 7 days prior to the missed meet (by 8 pm Saturday before the missed meet), please update the Meet Attendance on the team's website. The coaches have asked that you also speak to them about the meet your swimmer will be missing.  Coaches decide what events our swimmers will be swimming at meets early in the week, which is why we request the 7 days prior notice of a missed meet. Notifying the coaches later in the week of a missed meet creates additional work for the coaches as they try to rearrange the events. We appreciate your promptness in writing down the information on missed meets under the Meet Attendance on the team's website. Failure to provide notice of missed meets may impact your swimmer's eligibility for future meets.

Note: If you recorded under Meet Attendance indicating your swimmer would not be attending the meet - you are still responsible for doing your volunteer job at the meet or finding a replacement.

Q: What if my swimmer is sick on the day of the meet?

A: Please contact the Clerk of the Course (on his/her cell phone) before the meet (by 7:00 am) so the coaches can realign the roster with the opposing team.

Q: What to bring/wear to swim meet?

A: The team swimsuit is to be worn at all meets, but please do not wear the team suit to practice. Goggles and swim caps are optional, swim caps are recommended if hair is long. The team sells red "CUDA" caps. Please contact Ways & Means if you would like to purchase a cap. Swim caps can also help identify our swimmers at a distance and helps to cut down on drag. It is recommended that all clothing and equipment be marked with the swimmer's name using a water-proof marker.

Swimmers will be in and out of the water several times during the meets. In the early part of the season, it can be cold, especially early in the morning. Be sure to bring plenty of towels, one per event is good, and a blanket or sleeping bag to sit on.

Swimmer's Guide:

  • Wear team swimsuit
  • Several sweatpants and sweatshirts
  • Several towels (one towel per event may be necessary in cold weather)
  • Goggles
  • Nutritious snacks, juice, water, or Gatorade (also available at the snack bar)
  • Sunscreen
  • Sun shade if available
  • Sunglasses
  • Old sleeping bag or blanket
  • A good night's rest
  • A positive attitude

For the Parents:

  • A list of jobs you volunteered to do (will also be posted at the meet)
  • Hat/Umbrella
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Chair to sit on
  • Water and snacks (also available at the snack bar)
  • An encouraging, positive attitude

Q: Who will participate at championship?

A: All swimmers during the regular season score points for the Barracudas. The coaches will determine the 100 swimmers who will participate at championship. Priority will be given to returning rostered swimmers in good standing. Additional spots will be filled based on need within the age group, attendance, and number of years with the team. Ideally, the team should have 8-10 swimmers in each age group. This is needed in order to ensure that the team has swimmers to compete in all events.

Q: What's the End of Season Awards dinner?

A: The end of season dinner is to celebrate the swim season and all swim team members (whether you swam at championships or not) and their families are invited. We have a slideshow, the swimmers receive trophies/goodies, and of course, dinner.

Q: What are the safety rules at Mission Valley?

A: Dangerous conduct and hazardous situations or conditions must not be allowed in the swimming pool area or team environment. Use of common sense and common courtesy will avert most problems. It is a duty of any and all adults to be observant and responsible enough to curtail any type of potentially injurious or hazardous activity.

  • Never go on the slide.
  • Never run in the pool deck area.
  • No horseplay or rough activity on the grassy areas.
  • Know where your small children are during the swim meet or practice; especially when attention is directed towards events in the pool.
  • No swimmers or spectators are allowed in the wading pool or lifeguard chair during a swim meet or during practice.
  • Obey the directions of the swim team coach/officials and lifeguards.
  • Never push, shove, or throw anybody into the pool.
  • Stay out of the pool while swim events are under way unless you are actually a swimmer in that event.
Any swimmer not behaving appropriately may be removed from the pool and pool area by the coach and may be suspended or removed from the team. Drugs, alcohol, sexual harassment, theft and or vandalism are grounds for immediate dismissal from the team.
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